Sponsoring a Child

Why Sponsor a Child?

Thank You

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Due to the HIV epidemic, natural disasters, famine and poverty, far too many children are left vulnerable, orphaned, desperate and not accessing education or health-care. These are the children we aim to help.

For just over £1 a day, you can sponsor one of the children living in our homes. Your sponsorship will pay for everything your child needs: food, education, household costs, clothing and medicine.

£1 a day is less than the cost of buying a cup of take-away tea or coffee.

Every child who lives in our foster homes wants simply two things: a loving, safe, nurturing home and the chance of having an education. Having access to education gives these children skills and hope for the future. A stable home environment gives them a fighting chance at a brighter future. Your donation will help provide these essentials in life.

Every penny you give goes directly to care for the child or children you sponsor. The trustees and other volunteers work for free. Their travel to and from Malawi is not charged to the charity and neither are their other costs.

Sponsoring a child with Malawi Foster Care is an incredibly worthwhile and personable experience. For the child you sponsor, you really do have the chance to change their life forever!

What do I get when I sponsor a child?

When you agree to sponsor a child, we will tell you the name of the child you have sponsored and you will receive regular updates from your child and from the charity. We will also take your letters/photos to the child you have sponsored during volunteer trips to Malawi (these are usually at least annually).


How is my sponsorship money spent?

MarketYour sponsorship will pay for your orphan child to live in a caring and nurturing family environment. Our foster mothers will provide your child with love, shelter and three healthy, nutritious meals a day. And your child will receive an education – the homes only take children who want to be educated.

Currently the cost to provide all the above is £50 per month per child. However, if you sponsor using gift aid, the cost drops to £40 a month, or around £1.30 a day.

You can choose to either sponsor a child in full, or opt for co-sponsorship where children are connected with more than one sponsor. Please see our ‘Sponsorship Options’ for the different ways you can support if you would like to.

We guarantee that 100% of your donated money goes directly to support your sponsored child in their everyday needs.


Sponsorship Options

Sponsorship Options (per month):buiding projects

    • £40 – Sole sponsor
    • £20 – Co-sponsor
    • £10 – Co-sponsor

What you need to do: Please read through the Information and gift-aid declaration forms, we would love to hear from you!

100% of your donation will go directly towards supporting a child in foster care in Malawi. Thank you for your support!