Kundwani’s Story

Kundwani - the day we met him

We were first introduced to Kundwani in August 2012. Sadly, during this period, Kundwani was fending for himself as both of his parents and his grandmother had passed away.

Whilst on a trip to Yepa village in the Chitukula Area of Lilongwe, the chief of the village asked us if we could support him.

After he arrived in the foster care homeOnce Kundwani arrived at the foster care home and met his foster mother and brothers, the transformation was incredible. Martha reported that it took a couple of months for Kundwani to get used to the routine of going to school but now he is highly motivated, he always passes his standards and he wants to be a policeman when he is older. Kundwani is so thankful to all the supporters that have given him a second chance!