The Foster Mothers

The CarersWe have three foster care mothers and two guardians across our three homes. The ladies work together to provide the highest level of care for our children.

Our foster mothers are carefully selected, vetted and then interviewed at home to ensure they are suitable for their post. Once in post, the ladies then work as a team and see each other as extended family. Like ourselves, the mothers are also volunteers. They do receive a small living allowance for their hard work but their motivation is purely to support children in need. Without your sponsorship, this would be an impossible task for them.


Our mothers also work closely with the charity Tilinanu, this charity supports the local girls orphanage, where some of our foster boys’ sisters live. Every month, our foster¬†mothers meet together to collect their monthly budget from town. They then shop together, share stories and provide each other with support regarding the children in their care. The mothers also arrange regular occasions for the children to meet, socialise, play music and games. This is a real highlight for the children!