West Wirral Rotary Club – Involvement with Malawi Foster Care

On Wednesday 15th June 2016, Katie Bushell, was delighted to be presented with a cheque of £1300 for the charity, Malawi Foster Care, on behalf of  President Jenny Schwarz and the West Wirral Rotary Club.

Katie was first introduced to West Wirral Rotary club back in 2011 when Malawi Foster Care was operating as an independent project under the larger charity, Tilinanu, who run a girls’ orphanage in the same area as the boys’ foster care homes in Lilongwe, Malawi.

At the time, the foster care project had just began and Malawi Foster Care was caring for only 4 boys. After Katie’s initial presentation to the West Wirral Rotary club back in 2011, a strong connection began and Katie has since been back to the West Wirral Rotary club on an annual basis. Through the Rotary club many links have been made with many other community groups and organisations – this has empowered the charity allowing for growth and further outreach. The charity now supports 17 children living in 3 foster care families, the charity also provides regular food and care packages to many of the elderly in the surrounding villages of Lilongwe.

The money donated through West Wirral Rotary club will be used to continue the growth of the charity. We are planning further village outreach trips this August 2016 and we would like to expand our foster care programme to caring for 20 orphaned and disadvantaged children by 2017.